Being in the field of Education, I notice and appreciate when others continue to grow as teachers. What shows is a commitment to embracing both the science and art of yoga. I see that a lot at Vibe. It's why I keep coming back.


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Align Your Practice with Sarah Peters

I feel most aligned when I carve out time in my schedule for self-care. Some days that means meditating for 30 minutes, taking a dance break, or painting. Other days I need someone to guide me in a Powerful Vinyasa Flow.  

Getting attuned to your personal alignment may take time to tap into. And it’s not a destination. This takes many adjustments along the way, a trial of different things, and finding out what doesn’t work for you. 

Join me for Align Your Practice Workshop to learn more about the physical anatomy of alignment within a yoga practice.  

(Align Your Practice Workshop Sat 11/22 at 9:30am. $18, FREE for auto-renewing members)