Being in the field of Education, I notice and appreciate when others continue to grow as teachers. What shows is a commitment to embracing both the science and art of yoga. I see that a lot at Vibe. It's why I keep coming back.


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Instructor Spotlight: Vic Roe

Meet Vibe’s newest Hot Fusion instructor, Vic Roe! As an IU student and former football player, Vic turns to yoga for relaxation as much as for a physical challenge. A fan of Honey Flow, crowded coffee shops, and hip hop, he also stresses that yoga is, in fact, fun! Vic’s yoga journey began at a studio in his hometown of Carmel, Indiana. Since then, his people-centered nature has fostered his desire to help others on their paths towards a greater sense of wellbeing. In addition to majoring in Psychology and Sociology, he’s currently taking our 200-hour teacher training. Vic shared with us in the following interview his experience with the practice over the years, as well as his developing yoga philosophy.