Being in the field of Education, I notice and appreciate when others continue to grow as teachers. What shows is a commitment to embracing both the science and art of yoga. I see that a lot at Vibe. It's why I keep coming back.


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Ruth  Cohen

Instructor Spotlight: Ruth C.

Meet Ruthie Cohen, a woman about town who nourishes her community through yoga, food, and words alike. A longtime lover of literature who herself actually appears as a character in a novel written by a friend, Ruthie is a writer for Bloomington’s own Limestone Post Magazine and frequently incorporates insightful literary quotes into her classes. She teaches across many of our class formats, threading into all of them elements of power that emanate from an engaged physical and emotional core. Sitting at her dining room table, we talked all things yoga over a bountiful display of vegetable dishes that Ruthie prepared, and which seemed to echo the poet Derek Walcott’s invitation to “feast on your life.”