Live Stream Classes

Live stream classes allow you to drop into a group class in real time. Connect with the formats, instructors, and community that supports you no matter where you are. Below are the steps for accessing and enrolling in our live stream schedule.

  • Create or sign in to your Vibe Yoga account
  • Purchase a class / package / membership 
  • Sign up for the class, make sure it says “live stream” in the title
  • Receive email link to class 30 minutes before class from noreply@mail.mindbodyemail.com (search SPAM!) If you cannot find the link call the studio or email us at info@vibeyogastudio.com
  • When you click the link to join class you will be prompted to provide your username/password associated with your Vibe account.  You can't take class without signing in. 
  • Enjoy your practice

If you prefer to move to music your instructor will place the playlist for the class in the chat prior to class.

Video Library for Members

As part of your auto renewing membership you have full access to our Video Library for Members. 

If you prefer to move to music look in the video description for the link to the playlist.