TRX Instructor Position


Classification: Independent Contractor or Employee (employee applicants must be trained in a minimum of 3 Vibe formats offered (Yoga, Sculpt, Fusion, TRX, Barre, or specialty focus such as Yin, Basic, etc. Must be willing to teach 6 classes a week and provide additional support beyond teaching requirements.) 

Reports to: Lead Instructor 


Teach safe and appropriate group or private TRX class. Come prepared with a class class plan including theme of the class, appropriate sequence,  modifications, and variations to meet the needs of our clients. Communicating knowledge of the format by demonstrating, cuing, and assisting clients to get the most out of their class.  

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to the scheduled start time of class to set up the room, meet with students, and assist around the space in preparation for the class offered.
  • Following class to clean up the space, follow-up with my students, and communicate with desk staff up to  fifteen (15) minutes post class.
  • Responsible for cleaning up the studio space following use. This may include, but is not limited to, organizing props and equipment.
  • Responsible for reading announcements either before the start of or at the conclusion of class
  • Secures a substitute in accordance with Vibe’s posted subbing guidelines when not able to instruct class.
  • Work with the lead instructor to meet the description, format, level, and needs of the class. Apply feedback from students and lead instructors to meet standards or Vibe quality class. 
  • Must have valid CPR certification at all times during the duration of providing Services at Vibe.
  • Follow all safety and covid protocols set by the studio and inline with the local health officials.
  • Lead classes and interactions at the studio aligned with Vibe’s mission and core values to promote the high level of service and professionalism the studio stands for. 


  1. Basic personal training or group training certifications.
  2. TRX certification in a specific area of focus.
  3. Additional training preferred in other Vibe formats offered. 

Employee or Independent Contractor. (circle one)

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