Sam (Instructor)

Sam was introduced to the benefits of yoga more than a decade ago, but it was when she discovered power vinyasa that her practice began to take hold.  She was certified 200 RYT in 2011 and continued her trainings in Denver with Corepower, completing their Extentions program as well as Level 2 Advanced Training.  She continued her studies when she and her family moved back home to Bloomington, with Vibe Yoga’s Hot Fusion Training and most recently, Sam reached her E-RYT 200 status and completed Vibe’s 500 RYT certification.

Sam focuses on helping students cultivate a deeper awareness of the connection between their minds and physical bodies. She utilizes humor, personal experiences, social issues, everyday mundane events, and a healthy dose of humility to impart the wisdom of yoga into her teachings. She believes what a student practices on their mats can translate into their every day lives. Ultimately, her teaching dharma and intention is to help students realize their fullest potential in a given moment, encourage them to trust their own instincts and journeys and to provide a safe space to discover what the practice of yoga means in their lives.

Sam’s Power Vinyasa classes are strongly rooted in vinyasa flow with an emphasis on mindful alignment and a connection between breath and movement.  Her flows are designed to touch every part of the body intelligently.  In both her Power and Fusion classes, she focuses on building strength and opening the body mindfully and patiently without judgement.

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