Lauren (Instructor )

Lauren is a sheep farmer in Ellettsville, IN with three horses, two dogs, one cat and a loving family. She is a graduate student of public health at Indiana University exploring the application of yoga to prenatal and older adults in the bloomington community. After completing the 200 hour slow track teacher training in April of 2018, Lauren dove back into the 200 hour intensive training as a mentor before finishing the summer with sculpt teacher training. Currently, Lauren is enjoying the 75 minute Hot Power Vinyasa, listening to the audiobook Living your Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasater and reading about mudras. At home Lauren is listening to Jamila Woods Legacy! Legacy! album when practicing or creating sequences. Her teaching style is supportive and informative of the anatomy of the body in the poses. Lauren has been described as assertive, energetic and engaged with loving enthusiasm. Lauren’s sincere hope is that each one of her yoga classes can be a resource of inspiration and support for all who attend.

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