Kris (Instructor)

Kris was first introduced to Yoga, too many years ago now to count, out of desperation to acquire the final Physical Education credits for graduation from Ball State University. On a lark friends suggested that he take a Yoga class thinking that his Type A+ personality in a Yoga class would make for nothing more than a good joke. But, much to everyone’s surprise, HA!, he was instantly smitten with the peace and tranquility of the mind and the physical release of tension and pent up energy in the body that Yoga brought to his life; the Type A+ personality was gently transformed into a Type A-. In an endeavor to deepen his practice and with the desire to share Yoga with the world Kris completed his 200 hr RYT certification at Vibe Yoga in 2011. Kris’s classes will challenge you to explore the balance between release and tension, peace and conflict, comfort and discomfort, and strength and weakness. Understanding that we all bring different experiences to our mats, he offers his students movement, focus, and (of course) sweat through compassion, awareness and openness.

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