Hannah (Instructor & Front Desk Team Member)

I started practicing yoga at a young age through competitive dance, but it wasn't until I seriously injured my back in dance that I found true healing and love within the practice of yoga. Since high school I had a passionate dream of being a yoga teacher and fortunately that dream came true May of 2020. I received my 200 hour certification with Vibe (through Zoom!) and it changed my life completely. In that training, I decided to stop following a pre professional dance track and to focus on healing through yoga instead. I developed a deeper connection to all the limbs of yoga and a great passion for guiding others on their own yoga journey's. I am currently studying Journalism, Photojournalism, and Italian at IU and will continue to deepen my knowledge in the world of yoga as I evolve. Vibe has been such a transformative place for me to explore, expand, and create. The community has accepted me with wide arms and I could not be more grateful and blessed to be able to teach, learn, and grow within the walls of Vibe. It is a yoga family like no other!

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