Eliza (Instructor / G. E. S. T. Supervisor)

Eliza first came to yoga in 2019 as a Junior at IU seeking mental health support. Yoga slowly evolved to become a consistent practice of self love. Eliza's first practice was in a Vibe class. Immersed in the supportive Vibe community Eliza decided to enroll in the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training which she completed in the Spring of 2021. 

In her classes, Eliza aims to guide students through a journey of self exploration and reflection. How do my responses to offerings of asana reflect where I am mentally at this moment? Do I need to push myself today or do I need to practice radical compassion for self? Eliza is grateful to this community and to the founders of and original practitioners of Yoga in all 8 of its limbs. She is honored to be a part of the Vibe community and to share yoga with others.