Christa (TRX Instructor )

My name is Christa (Sist) Morris and this is my first year of teaching a TRX class. I am excited to continue my training to learn the newest techniques for TRX suspension training, to teach and share at Vibe studio. Teaching this class is allowing me to be creative and share my passion for staying active while having fun. My husband (Tom Morris) and I have competed in several adventure races 12- 24 hour, a relay Iron man, and I have done several marathons and running races. Each of these races have forced me to push myself and my body, while learning that we are stronger than we think we are. My passion is being active but allowing others to find enjoyment while they are pushing themselves to new physical limits and maintaining a healthy mental and physical well-being. Spending many years at Vibe as an active participant. I am now thrilled to be an official part of the Vibe family.

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