Abby (Instructor)

Abby took her first yoga class on her birthday nearly a decade ago. “I made my way into the hot room, found a good space (probably — I had no idea what a good space was!) and spent the entire class trying to imitate others. But the instructor was so kind. I entered that class a nervous wreck, and left feeling so much better than I expected.”

Today, Abby is a teacher, practitioner, and forever student dedicated to sharing that authentic, safe, and open experience with others. Her Hot Sculpt, Body Bar, and Power Vinyasa classes are welcoming, challenging, and full of great music. “My goal for all yogis is, including myself, is to feel no intimidation. Big goal, right? We fall out of balancing poses, but we try them again. Yoga helps us to focus within.”

Abby lives in Bloomington with her husband and two daughters.

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