Yoga Training

About This Program

This course is designed to support students who find themselves practicing more on their own, wanting to learn more about yoga, or considering a yoga teacher training in the future. 

 We will offer a  course that will utilize a class format that has been offered for over a decade at our local yoga studio. The sequence offers a solid foundation for those looking to start a personal yoga practice or for the student looking to deepen their understanding of yoga. 

This course is for you if:

     → You are looking to start a home yoga practice that offers a solid foundation and options to continue to challenge you as you evolve as a student 

     → You have an interest in taking our online certification for Vibe Yoga’s Hot Fusion Teacher Training. (This course is the prerequisite for completing training.)

 Teaching Methods: 

The Yoga Training course is an online training that allows you the freedom and flexibility to start, stop, and revisit the content as many times as needed. Lectures, recorded classes, and exploration activities are used to 


  • 8 lectures from experienced instructors offering best practices, techniques to make the practice adaptable to your individual needs, and supportive tips to help you approach the sequence mindfully.
  • 18 Videos that break down the sequence- offering information about the function of each section and in-depth breakdown of each of the poses.
  • 9 Videos on posture variation, including ways to integrate props, to cultivate deep, personal understanding of the alignment.
  • 4 Videos of the class in its entirety- 2 recorded and 2 “live” classes
  • 1 PDF of the sequence in its entirety
  • 1 PDF of the timing of the sequence
  • 1 PDF for posture notes
  • 4 Playlists to practice to on spotify.com
  • Access to print off lecture slides from lecture videos
  • Access to all content for 1 year.



If you wish to enroll to be certified in the sequence with the option to teach the sequence to others, the additional fee is $299 to complete the program. For more information on becoming certified please email info@vibeyogastudio.com and we will send you the information.

This course is a self study course.

Attend the training on you own time. You will have access to the content for 1 year after purchase. To purchase the course please visit

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