Yoga In The Grass

Instructor Spotlight: Sophia

Meet Sophia: Hot Fusion enthusiast, former DJ, and mom to a 130-pound Great Dane named Aspen! 

Ruth  Cohen

Instructor Spotlight: Ruth

Meet Ruthie Cohen, a woman about town who nourishes her community through yoga, food, and words alike. A longtime lover of literature who herself actually appears as a character in a novel written by a friend, Ruthie is a writer for Bloomington’s own Limestone Post Magazine and frequently incorporates insightful literary quotes into her classes. She teaches across many of our class formats, threading into all of them elements of power that emanate from an engaged physical and emotional core. Sitting at her dining room table, we talked all things yoga over a bountiful display of vegetable dishes that Ruthie prepared, and which seemed to echo the poet Derek Walcott’s invitation to “feast on your life.”   

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Instructor Spotlight: Steph

Meet Steph Niemeyer—ultimate Frisbee player, librarian, and all-around chill presence. If you haven’t had a class with Steph yet, you may know her from her days at the Vibe desk or by her signature green bike that often sits outside the studio. A true Midwesterner, Steph hails from Teutopolis, Illinois. She moved to Bloomington in 2011 after completing her master’s degree in Library Science in Lexington, Kentucky. Steph primarily teaches Power Vinyasa and occasionally offers special workshops for cyclists. Read on to learn about her yoga journey.

Lexi Instructor Spotlight

Instructor Spotlight: Lexi

Get to know Lexi Lanham, IU Law School employee by day and Hot Sculpt/Slow Flow teacher by early morning and evening! With an upbeat personality and propensity for high-powered and chill classes alike, Lexi lights up our studios with her encouraging presence. Though she first tried yoga during her college days in Arizona, Lexi became a self-proclaimed yogi after finding Vibe in 2012. Since then, she’s near completion of her 500-hour Teacher Training and leads several classes on either end of Vibe’s yoga spectrum. Read on to learn more about her practice.


Cultivating Growth

With the arrival of Spring, upcoming graduations, and Earth Day approaching on April 22, this month’s programming centers on growth through the practice of pratipaksha bhavana.

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Balancing Your Bhoga

In yogic philosophy, the concept of bhoga holds two definitions. One school of thought aligns bhoga with the experience of enjoyment without attachment... Click on the photo to read more about bhoga and our March programming.

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February Programming at Vibe

Cupid’s arrow may have us reaching for roses and chocolates as February draws out our romantic affections, but in terms of love, what’s yoga got to do with it? 

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Yoga Poses to Reduce Stress and Get Better Sleep

There’s nothing like laying down after a long day, but if you find yourself staring at the ceiling more than sleeping, you might be suffering from excess stress. Stress from work, school, and family obligations seem to go into high gear once your day starts to quiet down. All that stress interferes with getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night you need to bed at your best and handle the challenges of daily life.


Instructor Spotlight: Vic Roe

Meet Vibe’s newest Hot Fusion instructor, Vic Roe! As an IU student and former football player, Vic turns to yoga for relaxation as much as for a physical challenge. A fan of Honey Flow, crowded coffee shops, and hip hop, he also stresses that yoga is, in fact, fun! Vic’s yoga journey began at a studio in his hometown of Carmel, Indiana. Since then, his people-centered nature has fostered his desire to help others on their paths towards a greater sense of wellbeing. In addition to majoring in Psychology and Sociology, he’s currently taking our 200-hour teacher training. Vic shared with us in the following interview his experience with the practice over the years, as well as his developing yoga philosophy.

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