Taking the First Step, Manipura Chakra and More with Abby E

What first brought you to yoga?

I had decided to take up running, which was short-lived and immediately proved to be way too hard on my body. In an effort to heal while still moving, I decided to take some yoga classes. I love the heat, so the hot room became my favorite place!

Do you remember your first yoga class or your first experience at a yoga studio? What would you like new students to know before attending a class with you? 

My first experience in a yoga class was on my birthday, eight years ago. I made my way into the hot room, found a good space (probably - I had no idea what a good space was!) and spent the entire class trying to imitate others so that I wouldn’t stand out as someone who was in their first yoga class. I couldn’t believe that the instructor was so kind, and actually told me that I was doing a good job. I entered that class a nervous wreck, and left feeling a lot better than I expected!

 New students, if you are taking your first class with me, I want you to know that I am already proud of you for walking through that door. In my classes, we give our best in mind, body and soul and know that I offer a comfortable, real space where we can be ourselves and work on ourselves.

What is a memorable yoga experience that you have had?

Music and playlists are very important to me when in the yoga studio. I believe that music can empower, rejuvenate and inspire, so my most memorable yoga experiences revolve around the playlist that inspired the practice.

What is your favorite yoga posture or class to personally take and why?

I’ve always loved Virabhadrasana 1 (Warrior 1). It encapsulates a good amount of challenge and strength, while also giving the opportunity to feel confident.

What classes are you teaching this month? Is there anything that students can expect from a class with you?

This month, I’m teaching Hot Sculpt, Body Bar and Power Vinyasa classes. My goal for all yogis in my yoga space, including myself, is to feel no intimidation. Big goal, right? We fall out of balancing poses, but we try them again. We bring external stress to our practice, but yoga helps us to focus within. We try new postures and make them our own. 

If you take a class with me, you can expect an authentic, safe and open space. 

This month’s theme explores the energy of the solar plexus chakra, Manipura. How would you describe this concept to someone unfamiliar with it? 

The solar plexus chakra contains energy that spins in our upper abdominal area and is associated with our own personal power, decision making and confidence. When you prove to yourself that you are strong in your body, confident in a decision or motivated to try something new, you are using the energy that your solar plexus chakra releases.  

What are three ways that students can practice tapping into the energy from the solar plexus chakra either on their yoga mats or in their daily lives?

Practice strength in mind and body. Make decisions confidently and be your authentic self. When you try something challenging on your mat, be confident in your ability to accept the challenge.

Exercise inner peace. Let go of expectations that you have on and off your mat. Make the right choice for you at that moment to know your level of power.

Know your passion. What makes you excited? What makes you feel strength? Use that natural, authentic energy that you have and let it fuel you.

I’m so grateful to practice with all of you!