Springing into Self-Care with Taryn

When I moved to Bloomington in July 2019 I was experiencing corporate burnout and all I wanted was to practice yoga so that’s what I did.  I dove into my practice, felt my mind melt away stress, and I reconnected with my body.  It was awesome…. BUT after a month I didn’t feel that same ahhhh moment throughout my day from yoga.  The feeling of being truly connected to myself was not happening, no enlightenment here.  I realized I needed more than just a physical yoga practice. 

I started to pin my heart away on Pinterest on all the things self-care, trying any that peaked my interest.  Had many failures but many nice additions to my routine as well.  What really helped me though was realizing there are SO many ways to give myself self-care.  I was focusing on the physical and spiritual elements but leaving all the others on the table.  Now self-care to me is finding balance with all types of self-care: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and sensory.  Realizing I tend to favor a few but many times I need the others instead. Which do you favor?  Which do you tend to avoid? 

Here are a few ways I suggest tapping into each and how Vibe can support your self-care practice along the way: 


Take a new class format!  If you only tend to do sculpt - try a warm yoga for stress reduction.  If you only do slow flow try a body bar.  When we give our body and mind something different it expands us in new ways which we all need. 

Set a class goal for yourself.  At Vibe we have 100, 300, and 1000 Class Clubs - see where you stack with classes by asking the front desk staff. 


Meditation is a great way to connect with your highest self.  On ViYo On Demand there are a few free guided meditations.  


Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while that brings you joy.  Or send them a card letting them know how appreciative you are for their friendship. 

Bring a group together with a custom class.  You could do it virtually or in person. My ideal custom class would outside in my backyard with a few friends then after we practice perhaps a little brunch, sounds fun right? 


Give yourself some self-compassion with a daily or weekly journaling exercise. Here are some of my favorite prompts

  • Write yourself a letter from the perspective of your best friend explaining why they appreciate having you in their life, the reason you need to stop being so hard on yourself for (insert something you always pick on yourself for), what they want for you this year and why you deserve it
  • 10 Days of Gratitude.  Write 3 things every day you are thankful for - at the end of 10 days read them outloud to yourself. 
  •  Free write.  Put a timer on for 5 minutes and just write any emotion or thought that comes up. 


Learning and growing our knowledge just feels good, especially on topics we’re passionate about.. Free courses online, podcasts, books are all great options and SO much content is out there. If you don’t feel inspired maybe you haven’t found the topic that resonates with you yet. Check out some of the books at the Vibe boutique to see if any catch your eye. 


To smell, touch, hear, taste, see are all great ways to come into the present moment.  I could spend a whole post just on diving into these but for now I’m going to share a recent favorite from Half Baked Harvest.  Garlic Butter Noodles.  If you love ramen noodles like I do this is for you…. You’re welcome.

If you want to dive into this topic more and connect, join me for my Self-Care Virtual Workshop on April 18th.  We’ll meditate, journal, flow and make a personal plan on how to create a more well-rounded self-care routine.