Bringing Continued Education to Classes At Vibe

At Vibe one of our core values is education. This month we met up with three of our instructors who have recently completed yoga continuing education. Read more below about the courses they have taken to improve your experience in the classes they offer at the studio. You can find them each on the new schedule that starts next week. 


Q- What training did you take part in and what inspired you to take this particular training?

 * I recently completed the 300 hour teacher training. The 300 hour certification appealed to my desire to learn and grow in both my practice and my teaching.

Q- What takeaway are you most excited to share at Vibe?

* I've learned so much in the course of the 300 hours. I really enjoy sharing what I've learned in my classes--from the koshas, to new assists (once we get back to physical assists!), to different ways to break down and advance different poses. The final training I completed as part of the 300 hours was an i-Rest yoga nidra immersion weekend. I'm really excited about bringing a form of body sensing, which is a beautiful meditation exercise, to my yin class soon.

Q- What was the most surprising thing about your training experience?

*The most unsurprising thing about the experience is that the more I learn, the more questions I have. I suppose the surprise is discovering that many of the answers are already inside me. It's that experience of reconnecting with our inner wisdom that I most hope to bring to my classes.


Q-What training did you take part in and what inspired you to take this particular training?

*I took part in an anatomy training at an institute for bodyworkers located in Colorado Springs. This training was a cadaver dissection, so I won't get into any of the graphic details. But, suffice to say that it was as informative as it was challenging. My inspiration for driving out West and experiencing something that was completely foreign, scary, & even intimidating at times came from my desire to continue being a student in this practice. Anatomy and it's integral role in yoga has always been the biggest learning curb for me as a teacher. A background in the humanities is not the best preparation for delving deep into the intricacies of the human body. To be completely honest, I had no idea that there are 206 bones in the human body until two weeks ago. That being said, I think it is so important for teachers to remember what it was like to walk into a yoga class for the first time as students. This training allowed me to rediscover the curiosity, vulnerability, and trust that our students bring to the mat everytime they choose to sign up for a class.

Q-What takeaway are you most excited to share at Vibe?

*It is hard to choose one takeaway from my experience, but I am very excited to share that I learned about the value and multifaceted-ness of continuing education in this practice. My time spent in this training led to way more questions than answers. There were several instances in which I had no idea what the (fuck) was going on. AND, I had to work towards feeling okay with where I was. Even though I didn't have the time to look up all the attachments in the knee and identify them when I was in the lab, I have that time now. All that to say that this training lit a fire in me to continue my own working understanding of the body through books, articles, and my community. I am beyond stoked to share not only what I learned in this training, but what I will continue to learn throughout my teaching and studentship, so that my students can feel supported, engaged, and challenged in their own practice.

Q-What was the most surprising thing about your training experience?

*It is difficult to answer this question without feeling as though I am sharing too much. In short, the training took a turn that I had not expected and I chose to leave early because I no longer felt safe and supported. There were many factors and situations that led to my decision, but they all boiled down to one thing: trust. The trust that I had in the instructor to support my safety and education was broken and once that happens it can be very hard to repair. The point in my experience in which I realized that I no longer trusted the teacher was incredibly jarring and even painful. All of my experiences in the yoga world up to that point and especially in Bloomington had always felt like safety, security, and consideration for others were interwoven in the practice of yoga. So, I assumed that those qualities would be part of every yoga experience which is sadly not the case. Now, I am in the process of separating the teachings, both intentional and unintentional, from the teacher. It is not the easiest process, but it is one of the most important. This experience has led me to discover that for my teaching, enabling students to feel safe, supported, and considered in their yoga practice is my top priority. 


Q- What training did you take part in and what inspired you to take this particular training?

* I am currently in the Kaiut Teacher Training program. I was originally intrigued in the method after attending an introductory weekend workshop with Vibe guest instructor Tucker Shelton. However, this spring I suffered from a back injury and had profound results from practicing this method. My entire system was hooked, when I saw the online training options I was determined to learn more in order to share with our Vibe community. 

Q- What takeaway are you most excited to share at Vibe?

The results this format offers towards the reduction of physical pain along with the mental and physical adaptability it instills. In addition and I feel most importantly the inclusivity it offers to all bodies regardless of experience or ability. 

Q- What was the most surprising thing about your training experience?

*Hearing the stories from students who have been practicing the method for years has been beyond inspiring, and the general uniqueness of the format. After 16 year of yoga practice I am surprised each time I get on my mat. I feel I am undoing the negative habits I have developed from years of practicing yoga and gaining a glimpse to how yoga will evolve with the historical knowledge and scientific understanding of what our entire mind-body system needs as we continue to practice.