Meet Sharr Pechac, the Vibe Yoga Member of the Month!

An Entrepreneur and Yoga Lover

Sharr is energetic, passionate, and creative. As a part-time yoga lover and full-time business

owner, she certainly makes the most of her time. A couple years ago, Sharr used her passion for

higher education to start her consulting firm, GreyPrint Consulting, focused on developing

functional strategies for education and employment; yoga played a pivotal role in helping Sharr

start her business.

Saying “Yes” to Yoga

About two years ago, Sharr said “yes” to the Vibe 30 Day Yoga Challenge. For 30 consecutive

days, she entered the hot yoga studio, got on her mat, and gave it her all. During this time,

Sharr used yoga as a means for creating a sense of quiet in her life. This time on the mat helped

her be still, clear her head, find her calm, and also stretch herself. Sharr described the Vibe 30

Day Yoga Challenge by saying, “through physically stretching my body, yoga helped me

symbolically stretch myself to the next venture in my life.” Vibe Yoga created the space Sharr

needed to mentally, physically, and spiritually figure out what the next step in her life would be.

As a result, her entrepreneurial spirit found its calling to establish GreyPrint Consulting.

Feeling the Vibe

As someone who works remotely full-time, Vibe Yoga has evolved into Sharr’s “happy place.”

Apart from the muscle relaxation and great workout that she gets from the Hot Fusion class,

Sharr loves Vibe for its genuine and welcoming atmosphere. She knows that she can come to

class in whatever headspace she is in and be seen no matter what. The Vibe staff welcomes her

into the studio, encourages her to be her most authentic self, and celebrates her victories.

For anyone interested in pursuing yoga at Vibe, Sharr’s advice is to “walk into the studio, get on

your mat, and know that’s enough.” She emphasizes that yoga is a personal thing that can be

whatever you want it to be; wherever you’re at, the Vibe team can meet you where you are.

Leave It All on the Yoga Mat

Over the last couple years as a member of Vibe , Sharr has realized her true love for

yoga. While other forms of exercise feel like something she has to do, yoga feels like something

she gets to do.

If you’re interested in finding your “happy place” just like Sharr did, sign up for a class at Vibe