Studio News - updates 4/1/20

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We understand on some devices it is hard to read the font of the newsletters so we will continue to post here as well. 

Dear Vibe Yoga Community,

We closed our physical doors to the public on March 16th. We had our virtual classes up and running on March 18th thanks to a very small and very mighty team of managers hustling on the backend. 

We know that in the big picture the obstacles we face as a yoga studio pale in comparison to those who are fighting for their lives or being of service as first responders and healthcare professionals on the front lines. And we also know that what we do matters to support the health and wellbeing of our students. We want to continue to be here for each of you during this time by continuing to support you with a familiar class, a favorite instructor, or a place to find just what your mind/body needs. 

We are continuing to offer our Vibe Live Stream classes in place of our drop-in scheduled during the shelter in place order. In addition to the live classes, we have been recording a video library available to our members. Our goal is to have some posted by the end of this week. Memberships can be purchased by emailing info@vibeyogastudio.com and gift cards may now be purchased online.

We have decided to run our 200 and 300 hour courses online through June. We hope that each program we continue to offer supports more students and maintains jobs for our amazing staff and instructors, allowing us to bring back as many teachers and staff as soon as possible. 

To each of you who have purchased gift cards, stayed with your auto-renewing membership, or offered to donate funds to keep us going THANK YOU! Every time you purchase a live stream or pay for your membership you are supporting the staff, instructors, managers, and most importantly the community that we have all created. Our primary goal is to have a community to return to when this is all over. We miss seeing each of you walk into the studio and share a piece of your day. We hope to continue to see you as many of you as possible in the virtual community for now...and we can’t wait to be together again as soon as it is safe.

Our attendance is growing each day and we hope to double our online community by the end of April to support our efforts. Please share our website, live stream classes, and photos of you practicing on social media to help spread the word of our services. If you have any requests for classes, workshops, or programs we want to hear from you. Please send all requests to our contact form on the website. Or drop us a line at info@vibeyogastudio.com. Thank you for your continued support.


Laura and the Vibe Yoga Team