Q&A with Sheri Colosimo, Instructor of Mindful Motherhood: Pre & Postnatal Online Teacher Training

We caught up with Sheri Colosimo who will be leading the course: Mindful Motherhood: Pre & Postnatal Online Teacher Training this October to learn more about why this content is important and useful for instructors and students alike!   

V: What made you start teaching Mindful Motherhood?

S: I created the MM training to empower teachers. I felt that so many instructors wanted to support their pre/postnatal students but did not know how to. Pregnancy can be viewed as limiting when actually it is the opposite. I love sharing with teachers and instilling in them the confidence to create a safe environment for their mamas.

V: What is your favorite part about this training? 

S: I love sharing just how amazing a women’s body is. The physical, mental, emotional shifts that take place are miraculous. In addition, I find a unique part of this training is the focus on what a pre/postnatal student needs from a teacher from a mental and emotional state. While the physical changes are what we see and what often gets focused on, the mental health of a mama is the priority.

V: What are the biggest changes to a yoga practice during pregnancy? 

S: The pre/postnatal journey can teach mamas how to truly listen to their bodies. Each day you will feel different and it is a choice to trust and honor that. Physically the center of gravity shifts a lot, so each mama will need to make changes in their practice so they take care of their backs and re-learn how to generate strength in their core.

V: What will our instructors gain from taking the course? 

S: Instructors will walk away with new knowledge about the pre/postnatal physical experience, and they will learn how to emotionally support their students from a place of curiosity and non-judgement. Students will experience a class specifically designed for each trimester and have the confidence to craft their own.

V: Do you need to be a mom to take this course? Do you need to be a yoga instructor to take this course?  

S: This course is open to anyone who is interested in supporting women through the prenatal to motherhood journey whether you are a teacher, supportive friend or curious student.

Sheri Colosimo is a respected leader in the fitness & wellness industry with 20 years of teaching experience and senior management. Her classes are a blend of her love of movement, passion for language and desire for each student to be touched, seen and understood. She brings her background as a business & personal development coach, mother and born teacher to inspire trainees to cultivate their own unique voice in the classroom. Her experience of facilitating growth in 200-hour & 300-hour teacher trainings and presenting at national yoga conferences

Course Dates: Mon 10/5, Wed 10/7, Fri 10/9, Tues 10/13, Thurs 10/15 5:30-8:30; Sun 10/18 12-5