Q&A with a Vibe Member: Anya Steele

We love highlighting the members of our community!  This week we virtually chatted with Anya Steele.  Anya is a longtime member of Vibe who lives right around the corner!  She has been enjoying the outdoor class options at the studio and can even walk over. Anya loves to travel, is a history teacher, and always brightens the studio with her presence.  Read more of our conversation below and be sure to say hi next time you see her in the studio space! 

V: What does yoga mean to you?

A: Asanas bring me to a place of calm peace. Time to think. Focus on Ahimsa. 

V: What does your practice look like these days? Do you practice with a loved one or with family?

A: I love the space at Vibe. At home my practice is often interrupted by 3 dogs, 2 kids and/or by my partner of 25 years.  Walking to Vibe I instantly start to feel calm happiness.  It is a magical place where I only have to worry about myself, and try not to fall over. 

V: What has quarantine/social distancing taught you?

A: This pandemic has given me time to realize how privileged and lucky I am.  My passion in life is to travel. As a history teacher I yearn to hear history from original sources. I had plans to study the Mt Vesuvius scrolls this fall. Canceled. I was bummed. Then Pride Month and BLM. Time to focus on others and their struggles. Time to adjust my history lesson repertoire. Time for inward travel. 

V: Is there a principle or lesson of yoga philosophy that has stuck with you while in quarantine? If so, what and why?

A: Best advice I received while practicing is to find the comfort in discomfort. That applies to so many life events too. 

V: Do you have a favorite yoga pose? If so, what and why?

A: My favorite pose is supported waterfall. 

V: Do you have a quarantine book recommendation?

A: As for books I am extremely interested in the Perennial Philosophy. Anything about history. Right now I am especially interested in SE Asian history after spending time in Thailand and Cambodia. I love anything Indian from the food, especially Tamil, to the Gita.  

V: Do you have any advice for those who are struggling with isolation right now/Have you received any advice that has helped you during isolation?

A: Advice...Take it day-to-day. “Be Here Now”. Be kind to yourself and others. Take a break.  Take a nap or three. Dogs make life better so can joyous kiddos and sometimes tequila. 

V: What do you most look forward to once we all can safely come together/end social distancing?

A: When we are clear of this pandemic I can’t wait to have students in my classroom and to see everyone’s face, hopefully with a reciprocating smile.