September at Vibe: The Right to Speak

As we shift into a new school year and a new season, we’re focusing on the fifth fundamental right of yoga: the right to speak. This right is associated with the throat chakra, the communication center of the body where our unique voices find expression. 

Building on the first four rights—to be, to feel, to act, and to love—the right to speak encourages us to articulate our needs, emotions, intentions, and desires. By attending to the first four rights, we identify the truths we hold within us, and through the fifth right, we make those truths heard. 

Of course, many things are not so easily said. The right to speak challenges you to be vulnerable through open and honest communication. It invites you to honor the authentic sound of your individual voice and to listen to that of others. The yoga practice supports the right to speak when we warm the throat chakra through breathwork, open it in backbending poses, and vocalize it by chanting.

Honor your throat chakra and your right to speak with us the September through our classes and programming!