October at Vibe: The Right to See

This month, we turn to the sixth fundamental right of yoga: the right to see. Associated with the third eye chakra, the right to see refers to our perception of what surrounds us and what resides within us. It asks us to become observers of ourselves, to watch our thoughts, reactions, and intuitive cues. Extending beyond physical sight, the third eye chakra attunes us to subtlety. When we engage our third eye, we allow for self-reflection and become aware of the assumptions that limit us.  


The meditative aspect of yoga nurtures the right to see. By emphasizing the present moment, the yoga practice draws our attention to what’s in front of us now, slowing us from plunging into the past or worrying over the future. Think of drishti, for example. While in a balancing pose like tree, dristi—or focused sight—stills the internal voices that frantically warn us, “you’ve fallen out of this pose before!” or “you’re going to stumble any second now!” With our gaze focused on a single spot, we can instead connect with our bodies and explore what’s possible. Off our mats, too, a balanced third eye chakra brings a deeper sense of meaning and purpose into focus.


Honor your third eye chakra and your right to see with us the October through our classes and programming!