November at Vibe: The Right to Know

The Right to Know

As the seventh and final fundamental right of yoga, the Right to Know is all about perspective. 

This right is embodied in the crown chakra, an energetic center at the top of your head that encourages an awareness of your connection to the universe. Through this chakra, we might question what we think to be true and identify what we may not yet understand. The right to know thus moves beyond ego and intellect, beyond the narratives we construct about ourselves and others, and into the realm of the soul. Whereas the root chakra firmly grounds us in the right to be here, the crown chakra allows us to transcend our personal barriers. 

The yoga practice nurtures the right to know by helping us rewire our brains. As we breathe through challenging flows, despite our reservations, we slow our stress response. We learn to experience the discomfort of scary poses rather than flee from them. In this way, a regular yoga practice can unravel the thought patterns that don’t serve us. It interrupts the stories we tell ourselves and supports mental well-being. For this reason, yoga can not only ease the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression, but also enhance our gratitude for life.

Honor your crown chakra and your right to know with us this November through our classes and programming!