December at Vibe: The Practice of Reflection

To our lovely Vibe Community,

December ushers in the official start of Winter, the holiday season, and the closing of the year. Each of these offers us the chance to reflect on what has transpired and to look forward to what lies ahead. You do not have to look further than your yoga mat to understand that we must integrate what is behind us in order to fully move forward into our potential. 

As a studio, we are pausing to reflect on the past year:

    - We have taught 4080 drop-in classes in 2019!

    - We have offered 94 workshops/trainings/programs with teachers near and far.

    - We've welcomed new members into our space, said tearful goodbyes to long time community members as they embark on the next chapter,               and have celebrated new yoga teachers in our community.

While the numbers give us a sense of the logistics of the year, they do not encapsulate what has truly transpired within our walls.  For that, we look with gratitude to you, our community!

     Thank you for every downdog - we have been humbled to witness you flipping perspectives. 

     Thank you for sharing your great days, your tough days, and all of the days in between - we are grateful for the moments  you have chosen to               share. 

     Thank you for every curl, squat, and row - we are awed by your strength.

     Thank you for your willingness to find stillness, especially when the world around feels like it is moving at hyper speed -  your presence gives us          hope. 

     Thank you for every breath, every drop of sweat, and the occasional tear - your willingness to be in the process of this  practice inspires us. 

It is with great love that we close out this year and set our sights on our 2020 vision with you.

Love & Light,

Erin Thomas, Lead Instructor