February Programming at Vibe

Feel the love this month at Vibe.

Cupid’s arrow may have us reaching for roses and chocolates as February draws out our romantic affections, but in terms of love, what’s yoga got to do with it? Yogic philosophy teaches us that our emotions reside in our manomaya kosha, the third layer of being that processes our thoughts and feelings. Whereas the physical element of our practice is often obvious to us—you recognize when you’re feeling depleted or energetic—our emotions tend to manifest in more subtle and complex ways. Fortunately, the yoga practice invites us to recognize, honor, and support our emotional states so that we might simply feel without reacting. At Vibe, our goal for February is to move out of the thinking mind and into the activities that light up our hearts.

Our programming this month is designed to help you tap into your various emotional states and honor the everyday love that surrounds you. From your favorite classes to the things that fill your hearts with joy, we’re offering several opportunities to combine passion with practice through yoga.

·      Strengthen a bond with a friend or loved one in Partner Yoga

·      Move in the direction of happiness in our Flow workshop

·      Celebrate the warmth your kids bring you in Kids Yoga

·      Explore how you want love to live through you in Empowered Intention

·      Balance yourself with Stretch and Rest or a Yin practice

·      Connect with a supportive community in Seaview Yoga Class or Yoga in the Wood Shop

·      Enhance your biking habit with Yoga for Cyclist

·      Give yourself a break and time to simply be with our Belize Retreat