Cultivating Growth

 Known in the Yoga Sutras as the act of “cultivating the opposite,” this practice encourages you to reflect on negative thought processes and turn towards their more positive manifestations. Pratipaksha bhavana facilitates growth through this crucial shift in perspective that, while not asking you to avoid your negative thoughts, allows you to mindfully consider how your thoughts affect you and how they might better serve you. The Sanskrit word “bhavana” itself means “to cultivate,” reminding us of the opportunities for growth within our practice and our community. In the true spirit of Spring, we might envision ourselves working through the muck and mire of our thought processes and nurturing the budding seeds within.


Vibe is offering a host of tools for growth throughout April. Though the physical practice surely helps us achieve progress—hello, Hot Sculpt!—many of the benefits of yoga dwell in the inner expanse of mindfulness and mediation. That’s why we’ve geared this month’s workshops and courses toward supporting our graduating seniors as they venture into the next phase of life, teaching mindfulness meditation and self-discovery techniques, continuing yoga teacher development, and cultivating the future of our community. See this month’s offerings below.


Community Growth: Begin the month with Radha Lakshi’s Lotus Blossoms Community Workshop. This artful meditation session supports the Lotus Blossom Educational Outreach Program, which brings world music into our schools. As part of Habitat for Humanity, Vibe’s Women Build team is pitching in again this year to lay foundations for our community members in need.


Personal Development: Greg is teaching a Mindfulness Meditation course that kicks off this month, and Jenni is leading a Tools for Self-Discovery workshop. A self-study designed for students, this workshop provides participants with a workbook for continual practice. For anyone looking to build a serious yoga habit or simply jump back into the practice, we’re also continuing our 30-Day and Passport Challenges this month.


Wellness Center: To nurture you where you are, we’re adding new daytime services to our growing Wellness Center schedule. Check out our iRest sessions, 30-minute massage, and co-meditation, all of which provide a perfect break from your day. Co-meditation creates a unique experience of deep listening, guided by an instructor who walks you through the process of being present.


Teacher Training: Want to plant the seeds of yoga in your community? As our slow-track 200-hour teacher training comes to a close this month, we’re preparing to launch our Hot Sculpt and fast-track teacher trainings. Sign up for an informational session to learn more.


Don’t quite see what you’re looking for? Contact us about scheduling a custom class either in your space or at our studio.