Balancing Your Bhoga

Balancing Your Bhoga

In yogic philosophy, the concept of bhoga holds two definitions. One school of thought aligns bhoga with the experience of enjoyment without attachment. We can access this experience through the physical benefits of yoga asana, made evident in that feeling of bliss that a practice can induce. Another school of thought views bhoga as overindulgence or consumption that, while pleasurable, thwarts self-realization. This definition associates bhoga with the external sources of enjoyment we often reach for (a little shopping before class or beer after, anyone?).

Between these two conceptions of pleasure resides balance. When we rely solely on external rewards to deliver pleasure, we overlook our internal abilities to access deeper levels of happiness. The fun of yoga may have temporarily evaded those of us who’ve been coiled up all winter or strictly sticking to our New Year’s resolutions, yet indulging in that quality of the practice encourages a balanced bhoga.

Our programming this month is designed to invite playfulness, curiosity, and experimentation into your practice. Whether you choose to see the world upside down in forearm stand, light up your mat with glowsticks, or work your way into wheel pose, we’re here to help you put the spring back in your step. Come try a new pose, perhaps fall out of it, and laugh a little in the process!

Check out these opportunities to balance your bhoga:

·      Yoga in the Woodshop

·      Seaview Yoga Class

·      Glowga

·      Detox Flow

·      The Upside Down: Forearm Stand

·      Baby’s Got Backbends

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