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June at Vibe: The Right to Feel

The Right to Feel

This month, we’re exploring the second of the seven fundamental rights of yoga philosophy — the right to feel.

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Instructor Spotlight: Michelle H.

Get to know Michelle Holmberg, Vibe instructor and former Student Experience Supervisor. Whether or not you’ve taken a class with Michelle, you’ve likely interacted with her at the desk or heard her infectious laugh bouncing around the studio. A lover of music and fantasy, Michelle teaches creative sequences that introduce light-hearted fun to challenging postures. After completing her 200-hour teacher training in 2014, she went on to finish her 500-hour training at Vibe and to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at IU. Read on to learn more about her practice.

Yoga In The Grass

Instructor Spotlight: Sophia

Meet Sophia: Hot Fusion enthusiast, former DJ, and mom to a 130-pound Great Dane named Aspen! 

Ruth  Cohen

Instructor Spotlight: Ruth

Meet Ruthie Cohen, a woman about town who nourishes her community through yoga, food, and words alike. A longtime lover of literature who herself actually appears as a character in a novel written by a friend, Ruthie is a writer for Bloomington’s own Limestone Post Magazine and frequently incorporates insightful literary quotes into her classes. She teaches across many of our class formats, threading into all of them elements of power that emanate from an engaged physical and emotional core. Sitting at her dining room table, we talked all things yoga over a bountiful display of vegetable dishes that Ruthie prepared, and which seemed to echo the poet Derek Walcott’s invitation to “feast on your life.”   

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