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Whether you have been practicing for a while or are absolutely brand new, these 5 tips may support you on your yoga journey!


This seems contradictive if you're are struggling to start a yoga practice, but showing up is the hardest part and once you show up the rest will start to unfold! So, start by simply opening your mat and showing up. It can be scary to start something knew, to step into the unkown, but think about how many times in your life you've had to do that. I could guess more than once! Be compassionate with yourself and just start. It doesn't have to be perfect, it won't be perfect...ever!! But that is why yoga is a practice. 

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May: A Month of Play

As kids it is part of our innate interest to play, to explore, and to imagine. Play consumes a large portion of our time whether it's with our parents, guardians, friends, or schoolmates. Most of the time we are encouraged to play or to take a recess and adventure through the possibilities of fun. Somehow, someway, along the journey of growing older, that push to play has become shoved so low on our priority list that we forget to do it. Instead of being encouraged to play more, we might be encouraged to work more, to do more, to be more. But, that essence of youth and playfulness is still there. It doesn't just fade or go away when you turn a certain age, instead it gets forgotten. The beauty of yoga is that it can reignite that passion to play, the ability to explore the unknown, and to nourish our inner child's. 

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Conversations of Connection and Community with Eliza!

We can choose our friends, families, and social groups. We can move to new places and join organizations. As the ability to choose a community is accessible to every one of us, there are innumerable and immeasurably diverse communities in the world. Our most important duty to ourselves as a community member is to make choices that fill us up. Our most important duties to the communities we choose and those we don't belong to are to move with the intention to reduce the amount of harm in the world. 

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Taking the First Step, Manipura Chakra and More with Abby E

I entered that class a nervous wreck and left feeling a lot better than I expected! 

New students, if you are taking your first class with me, I want you to know that I am already proud of you for walking through that door.


Yoga, Studying the Self, and More with Isaac

Each month, meet a Vibe Yoga instructor as they introduce themselves and the studio theme of the month. Hear from Isaac in this month's teacher feature. 

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Cultivating Contentment with Amy

When we find ourselves in these tough, crazy, and unexplainable situations, we can practice santosha with inquiry: Can I stay in this moment with a grateful heart? Can I accept what is and take it all in? Is my nature to scurry, fight, look ahead in order to bypass discomfort? How do I define contentment and how am I making choices to align with my personal definition?

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