In Person Classes Vibe offers multiple class formats including yoga, sculpt, barre, trx, and more. These in person classes offer you the feedback and guidance of qualified instructors and the support of a community. 

Offsite Outdoor Classes Located around town in some of Bloomington’s best spots, these offerings are unique class experiences. Vibe has purchased technology that will allow you to hear your instructor and the class playlist with distance. We can space out up to 300 yards with this technology! We offer our current formats, special events hosted by Vibe, or you can design a custom private event for your friends and family. 

  • Schedule a private event here.
  • Bring your own mat, towel, water bottle, sunscreen, and anything else needed.
  • Headsets are cleaned before and after the event.

Open Air Studio located outdoors at Vibe Yoga 1705 N. College Bloomington IN 47404

We have built an outdoor open air studio as we feel this is the safest way to practice as a community with our most vulnerable populations in mind. We have installed a sun shade and will adjust the schedule around the seasonal changes. 

  • Bring your own yoga mat, water bottle, and any additional props you need.
  • A water fountain is on site to refill your water bottle.
  • If weather is an issue, the class will be moved inside or cancelled completely. If you don’t want to be indoors, you will get a class credit or refund depending on the situation. 

Fire Studio & Water Studio

  • We have installed a needlepoint bipolar ionization technology, also known as NPBI at the studio. This technology attacks and kills viruses, mold spores and bacteria. The ions steal away hydrogen from the pathogens leaving them to die and leaving the studio with clean and healthy indoor air. 

  • Bring your own yoga mat, water bottle, and any additional props you need.
  • A water fountain is on site to refill your water bottle.

Live Stream Classes Your favorite Vibe formats and instructors are available right in the comfort of your home. Keep your practice consistent and have the accountability of your community right there with you as you do the work in a virtual class setting. A Zoom link will be emailed to you about 30 minutes prior to the start of the class. Set your space, log on, and practice in real time with a Vibe instructor. If you are an auto renewing member, you also get FREE access to previously recorded live-stream classes to practice any time. 

Members Library 

  • After signing up for your auto-renewing membership you will have access to the members library starting the 1st of the following month of initial sign up
  • You will receive an email with access code and can start taking classes right away 

On Demand Classes On-Demand Studio is our exclusive bundle of high level classes, MINI WORKSHOPS and quality instruction that is specifically designed to encourage your continued GROWTH in your yoga practice. We get it…even if you have the best of intentions to make it to class, life can happen. There are many obstacles (finances, time, energy, space, location, personal needs, family needs etc.) that can keep us from practicing yoga, that is why we have created our own on demand platform to keep you balanced. 

  • You can access our on demand classes from our website or go directly to vibe.yoga 
  • Auto renewing members will get access each month via insert steps, done. 
    • After signing up for your auto-renewing membership you will have access to on demand classes starting the 1st of the following month of initial sign up 
    • On or after the first you will receive an email with your account information with an auto-generating password and can start taking classes right away  
  • Classes will be added each month to keep the library growing. 

Do I need to pre-register for classes? 

No, but by doing so you will ensure you have a space in the class you want. Some of our class times and formats fill to maximum capacity and we encourage pre-booking to offer peace of mind. 

What if I pre-register and can’t make it?

Cancellation Policy: 

 Cancellation must be made at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time of a class. Any cancellations made outside of the 2 hour window will result in a $15 charge or a class pass will be deducted from your account.

812.335.9642 (YOGA)


If I am on the waitlist how do I know if I make it in the class?

You will receive an email or text to confirm you have been added to the class. Make sure you have all of the correct information on your account. (email and phone)

Will I get charged if I don't show up or cancel after the 30min window?


If you do not show and a cancellation is not received, your account will be deducted one class pass or you will be charged the no show fee for that class ($15 for regularly priced classes and $8 for $8 classes.) We will charge your account with the credit card on file or apply an account balance if no valid card is listed. All account balances must be paid prior to your next visit.

Be especially conscientious about reservations for our prime time evening classes 5:30pm-8:00pm start times where spots are a premium. Please do not schedule more than you are sure of, and cancel well in advance to allow others the opportunity to attend.

Late policy applies to all students. Even with a reservation, you must still arrive 5 minutes before the start of class.  Our classes often reach capacity, and we will start offering spaces to wait-listed students five minutes before the scheduled start time.

All students must sign in with the front desk, or on the in-studio iPads upon arrival in order to have a space in the class.

I’m new to yoga. Which classes are appropriate for me?

If you are new to yoga, try a Basic yoga class, which focuses on proper alignment and modifications for each unique body. Classes listed as “open level” are also suitable; please tell the teacher that you are new so that he or she can help you get the most out of your practice. For your safety, hold off on attending classes listed as “intermediate/advanced” until your practice is more established. We regularly offer a Beginners Only Series, Vinyasa On Ramp, and Hot Yoga 101 to help educate and inform new students.

My friend loves the hot classes, but I don’t know...

Vibe has both heated and non-heated classes of all levels. Some people love the heat; others prefer practicing in a non-heated room. Many practitioners list detoxification, reduced stress, greater mental clarity, and improved digestion among the benefits of both types of classes. Try them both!

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows your body to move freely. For non-heated classes, wear layers that you can remove as your body warms up. For heated classes, shorts or leggings and t-shirts or tanks are appropriate.

Should I eat or drink before class?

Hydrate well both before and after class. It is generally recommended that you eat lightly before class. Give yourself 2 hours to digest meals.

What should I bring?

Bring water, a towel, and a mat. You can also rent or purchase these items at Vibe, if you prefer.

I’m concerned that the spiritual side of yoga will conflict with my beliefs.

Yoga classes generally focus on the practice of asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath work). There is a spiritual/ethical component to the practice that blends well with other belief systems, as it emphasizes values such as compassion, honesty, and contentment, among others.

But what if I’m not flexible and can’t do all the poses?

We’ve all seen pictures of yogis with their legs bent around their shoulders and their feet by their heads, and we can all hope that those people are reaping the benefits of those poses in their bodies, minds, and hearts. But that level of flexibility—or any, for that matter, isn’t necessary to begin a yoga practice. Respect your body and its limitations. The beauty of yoga is that it meets us where we are and asks only that we accept ourselves in each moment, even as we seek transformation.

What age do I need to be to attend drop-in classes?

To attend our drop-in classes, you must be at least 15 years of age. If you are under 18, we will require a parent or guardian signature on our new client intake form. If you are under 15 and you are interested in starting or continuing your yoga practice with us, we can arrange custom classes for any age group. https://www.vibeyogastudio.com/classes/custom-classes

We also occasionally offer Yoga for Kids (ages 3-7), and Yoga for Tweens, ages (8-12). Visit our workshops & events page to see the upcoming schedule.